The barracks lodge the infamous General Dalla Chiesa, responsible for the superprisons and the blitz operations against comrades all over Italy. That being said, you should try not to be late when meeting your call girl if possible. The others remain in liberty despite massive police operations throughout the area. 12 Milan: Prima Linea claim dynamite attack during night against Credito. 28 Milan: Azione Rivoluzionari blow up a tramline and an enel (electricity) cable supplying the tram network, to give an extra days holiday to the wage slaves who get up each morning to go their places of exploitation. Il 2016 Settembre 20, 19:43:17 pm 172 Post 70 Topic Ultimo post da antonello1978 in Re:Ciao da RagazzaUmbra il 2016 Agosto 02, 10:36:27 am 100 Post 45 Topic Ultimo post da 69twice in Re:Marissa sweet il 2016 Settembre. 23 Rome: Ronde comuniste per il contropotere territoriale damage the Italian cultural centre with a bomb. 25 Trieste: Bomb attack on the home of Christian Democrat vice president of the regional junta. 12 Pisa: An incendiary bomb goes off under the car belonging to Christian Democrat provincial secretary. Many acts of rebellion never reach the press either because they are suppressed or because, taken on their individual merit they are too insignificant, as in the case of absenteeism, individual sabotage, and self-appropriation of goods.

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It was at this time that the antagonist movement in Italy finally shed all its taboos concerning destruction, violence and the use of arms against the class enemy. 1) Vigili Urbani (City Police Guardia di Finanza (Customs Offi cers Guardia Forestale (Forest Warders apart from the city police, who have been used in the service of public order since the first struggles of the Movement. He was found dead from exposure in his home-the street. 9 Nocera Inferiore: A 22 year old worker dies and his brother is seriously injured when the balcony they are working on collapses. Next day one of the managers is encircled and only freed after having been taught a les son. 17 Afragola: A police patrol kill Giovanni DAmbra aged 20 with machine gun fire while he is escaping from prison. Keep in mind that the better you treat her, the better the services you will receive because she will be more motivated to put an extra effort into pleasing you if you are kind and nice to her. 1976 March 17 Turin: At the fiat sabotage carried out by the workers in the paint department (see. As anarchists our efforts should, on the contrary, be that of demonstrating that it is possible to go beyond these divisions into roles, against the formation of an elite of experts, and the false alternative (not by chance. Action claimed by Unita di lotta armata per il comunismo.

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a pick-axe, comrades break into the fascist premises on viale Murillo. Two are recaptured immedi ately, the other takes refuge in a house which is then surrounded by police. 15 Rome: Proletarians block the access to their area in protest against police raids where, under pretext of looking for a machine gun police had manhandled women and children. 3 Florence: Prima Linea destroy large number of computers at Data Management. (Anti-heroin nu cleus of the Movement of Proletarian Resistance). 1977 June 30 Palermo: Intersind offices broken into by four comrades. 22 Milan: During the funeral of Fausto and Lorenzo (see Victims of Repression anarchist comrades try to attack the premises of trade union delegates and fights break out with the confederal macebearers barricaded inside. Leaflet left by Unita comuniste combattente 19 Genoa: Red Brigades cell burn four cars belonging to industrialists and Christian Democrat politicians. This is why one of her lairs has been closed. 14 Turin: In the new prison prisoners refuse to return to their cells after the exercise period.

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Film - trans: Giovanni per la prima volta si incula un trans.

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27 Turin: Sabotage in the upholstery dept, at fiat Mirafiori. One policeman is killed, another wounded. 5 Cagliari: A molotov explodes against a Christian Democrat premises. 12 Rome: Bomb devastates lair of fascists belonging to Democrazia nazionale. Expel the enemies of the proletariat, the spies and traitors, whether they be heroin pushers or trade union bosses, to build the unity of the proletariat in strug gle. If we are against all judges and bureaucrats, all bosses and the trade unions in their service, we must not wait for someone to tell us: this bo ss committed a particular wrong or this trade union leader is guilty. Two young men get out, immobilise and handcuff the two disconcerted police and relieve them of their pistols. August 12 Catania: Incidents in the juvenile prison. There are immediate clashes with the Carabinieri. 5 Candoglia: Unita comuniste combattente claim an attack against the Christian Democrat premises. October 14 Ancona: Federation of Light Industry visited by the Red Brigades. 24 Lambrate: General manager of Nuova Innocenti pulls a gun on a group of workers who break into his office. 14 San Benedetto del Trento: A bar belonging to a Christian Demo crat councillor is set on fire. Of TNT at the Commercial-ists Union.

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