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One comrade is wounded, nine are arrested. (volos) 00:08:06.693 : error Garage spawn point not found! (slavgorod) 00:08:07.139 : error Garage spawn point not found! 23 Cagliari: A nurse hangs herself for fear of being made redundant. Police arrest a member of Gymnasio Nihilista. The psychiatrists, the criminologists, the priests, the trade union bosses, in their positions as social controllers of the proletariat are enemies, and as such should be struck down. October 2 Milan: After knocking down the wall with a pick-axe, comrades break into the fascist premises on viale Murillo. (zuwarah) 00:08:06.694 : error Garage spawn point not found! So let us begin to be wary of the order within our ranks, and look to the disorder around. 00:01:04.767 : Loading stamp data. 00:00:57.657 : Loading terrain data. 14 Vicenza: Headquarters of Centro Cristiano Lavoratori (Centre for Christian Workers) are broken into and documents removed. 00:09:21.575 : Loading model data.

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10 Messina: A molotov is thrown against the Christian Democrat premises. (redeyef) 00:08:06.694 : error Garage spawn point not found! 21 Milan: Two thousand paper mill workers threatened with redundancy erect roadblocks on the route to the airport. February Nuoro: Incendiary bomb against CC barracks at Olliena. (novomoskovsk) 00:03:51.789 : error Garage spawn point not found! (zuwarah) 00:12:15.101 : error Garage spawn point not found! 15 Milan: Workers of Motta cake factory who face 2,800 redundancies, chase director in charge of restructuring out of the factory. (wuppertal) 00:03:51.340 : error Garage spawn point not found! ON THE problem OF armed struggle. 1976 March 14 Rome: Police make chase on a group of about twenty comrades following a molotov attack on the Spanish Embassy in protest against the shooting of seven people in the streets of Spain. Cgil: confederazione generale italiana DEL lavoro (General Italian Workers Federation left wing union, dominated by the Communist party, with a Socialist minority. This sabotage, usually carried out by small groups of comrades who have come together on the basis of affinity, is based on simple means that are available to anyone, and contains a strong element of creativity and. A 68 year old worker, Aldo Tonelli, was cleaning an irrigation canal along with other workmates, when he was buried under soil and died. April 2: An armed commando of 5 enter the office of the firm Maros.

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00:05:21.013 : Loading sign template data. Martina trans E arrivata LA vera ninfomane regina dell ingoio originale. (v4) 00:08:07.141 : error Garage spawn point not found! Armouries are plundered and pistols and guns distributed among demonstrators in Rome and Bologna. Heavy clashes follow during which shots are fired into the crowd by police. Younger comrades, whose daily lives are often more anti-authoritarian than those of the ones writing the analyses, often refuse to do this kind of work, or find that they lack the instru ments to do so due to the liberalisation of schooling. (package_name: promods-map-v225, version:.25, source: User mods) 00:00:49.753 : zipfs s: Mounted, 2057 entries 0x33d6c0df 00:00:49.753 : mod_package_manager Mod "ProMods Definition Package" has been mount. July 3 Turin: Prima Linea break into the regional administration finance offices and set fire to them.